Android 4.0

Android 4.0 Tablet

The Android 4.0 tablet, offers enhanced functionalities, with state of the art technology with HDMI port or USB that is in its full size. Which means you could connect your Tablet into your HDTV & use the TV as a screen display.


Added advantages include the possibility of adding a variety of peripherals. Connectivity is also greatly enhanced, with faster Wi-Fi connection speed, enabling use of muliple applications both easier and faster.


Android HoneyComb

Android HoneyComb Tablet

Honeycomb is a version of the Android OS, designed specifically for tablets. With its Honeycomb web browser, and Chrome-style tabbed browser, you switch quickly between tabs. Adding shortcuts is smoother & easier with Honeycomb'svisual layout


The interface has a holographic 3D effect, plus 5 different homescreens you can customise & switch between them swiping your finger left & right, no massive icons present, so more space to play with.

Info Pack

  Name (e.g.Mr.John Doe)
  Email (
  Phone no (e.g.04465096912)
  Location (e.g.Country, State, City).