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Stories and Testimonials

Our Clients have attested to our continuous pursuit of meeting customer demand, maintaining affordable rates, rewarding investors and continuously updating to meet the dynamic changes in the market place.


Partners and associates alike have been first hand witnesses to  new market potential and a healthy quaterly sheet, as offered by BaboonBlanc, as a positive way into the future with revolutionary ideas which are fueling change.


Our OutSource Affiliates testify to the business oriented envrionment that BaboonBlanc provides, with the addition of flexibility and precission timing.

Our Clients, Partners & Affiliates stories reflect our journey to how we reached where we are today.

Suppliers & Licensed Re-Selling Programmes

With our Suppliers & Licnesed Re-Selling Programmes, we give small, medium & large scale Suppliers, with the opportunity to get world class products, at affordable rates, within short time frames & extended warranties. We partner with well respected brands to give our suppliers the best goods, at the best prices. Please send an enquiry for more info.