Aion Wireless

We are a TEAM of highly skilled, professional and very experienced individuals. We are able to successfully translate customers’ needs to solutions.

 Our product line is continuously expanding as we develop new solutions based on the current, evolving and envisioned wired and wireless information technologies.


Global Telemarketing Services (GTS), based in Holland, is your one stop solution for bespoke call centre requirements.


From database cleaning to market research, from lead generation to appointment setting, whether you need an email address checked or a brand new business opportunity created, at GTS we are more than happy to assist.


GTS offers a fully integrated service, linking your campaigns into email shots, text messaging, B2B and B2C mailing list as well as our mailing and fulfilment options



Codelogic is a novel, uncustomary software developer specializing in solutions for contact centres.  


After the establishment of Codelogic in 2007, two years were dedicated exclusively to market research and software development. Our flexible, Steam has resulted in full automation.

Quality and vision are the cornerstones of the success attained in our efforts to offer premium service that is supported by first-rate software.