iPad 2


Apple iPad 2 all about the Screen, Input and Power. The amazing new technology has created an    iPad2.


iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is coupled with a faster processor, enhanced camera display plus an advanced virtual assistant with storage space. iPhone 4S



Android Tablets

Android Tablet

Honeycomb is a version of the Android OS, designed specifically for tablets. With its Honeycomb & Chrome-style browser. Android Tablets


Windows Tablet

Windows Tablet

Windows Tablet gives you a familiar Windows Platform, plus the tablet experience, Cloud sync and much more. Windows Tablet



Info Pack

  Name (e.g.Mr.John Doe)
  Email (e.g.john@yahoo.com)
  Phone no (e.g.04465096912)
  Location (e.g.Country, State, City).