Customer Relations

With Steam by Code logic, we provide Customer Relationship Management services, to enhance work productivity, time management and monitoring features to keep track of quality and work input during the designated working time.


CodeLogic is a complete relationships management software that helps your business expand by improving prospects to clients, save time to enhance productivity via monitoring or any other management feature available.

Management Solutions

With Steam by Code Logic, an Affiliate Service, we work with our clients to provide a Customer Relations Management Solution, tailored to meet  everyday customer relations and provide the right platform to expand your reach. 


Automating otherwise manual tasks like marketing & support, advanced and customized reports to establish a strong business development plan to impact the objectives and achieve the desired targets within the required duration. 


Since Post-implementation constitutes a very important phase in the buying circle, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every detail associated with providing a comfortable customer environment is met.


Info Pack

  Name (e.g.Mr.John Doe)
  Email (
  Phone no (e.g.04465096912)
  Location (e.g.Country, State, City).