iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 all about the Screen, Input and Power. The amazing new technology has created an    iPad2, that makes the home button much easier to double tap than its previous predecessors do.


You will find that the newer iPad 2 has a screen that is lighter, thinner, and stronger than the, all original iPad’s. The Apple iPad 2 supports full screen mirroring with the digital AV adapter

Why it is for you

The Global demand for iPad 2 has surged,giving iPad 2 a lead in the Tablet PC market, according to comScore’s recent online survey, iPad 2 had a 33.7% of the total global Tablet PC demand. This suggest a strong demand forecast.

BaboonBlanc’s recent survey,with a price of iPad2 at $410 per Unit for the stock offer, got an overwhelming demand of more than 150 direct responses and interested clients in 24hrs.


The new iPad features the A5 processor, the Fa-ceTime cameras for calling, longer time with the new lithium-ion batteries. Meaning longer cherished moments with family and friends.


Info Pack

  Name (e.g.Mr.John Doe)
  Email (e.g.john@yahoo.com)
  Phone no (e.g.04465096912)
  Location (e.g.Country, State, City).